Fehlings Automation

Assistance robot

With regard to the complexity and varieties of the product, the sensitivity of the components as well as the mastery of the screwdriving processes, the requirements on a manual screwdriving station are constantly increasing. In order to fulfill these requirements even with high productivity, suitable aids become indispensable. In the worker assistance system – Fehlings Target Logger – all necessary assistance functions can be integrated into a digital screwdriving station.

A virtual screwdriving mask, realized by an assistance robot developed and patented by Fehlings, is the central element of the target logger system. The assistance robot holds the screwdriver and is guided by the worker. By following the movement of the screwdriver, the assistance robot is able to support the screwdriving process actively. The following functions can be realized in this way:

  • Near to the programmed target screwdriving position, the screwdriver is moved to the target position and held in position by the assistance robot.
  • Manual Z movement of the screwdriver is only possible when the screwdriver is in the correct screw position and in the right sequence.
  • Movement to the next screwdriving position is only possible after the screwdriving process has been completed correctly.