Fehlings Automation

Handheld screwdrivers

The handheld screwdriver with automatic screw feeding – Fehlings TRANS-PNEUMAT easy line – provides the operator a great usability and ergonomic due to its ingenious design principle. By shifting the control mechanisms to the screw feeding device, the operator gets an extremely compact and light end effector in his hand, which allows in combination with a balancer a particularly high flexibility and a large radius of action.

The Fehlings handheld screwdriver also impresses with its extraordinary adaptability. Whether ball sleeve, centering jaws or beak-shaped jaws, whether mechanical, magnetic or vacuum-suction bit, whether the screw is conventionally provided in the jaws or held in a space-saving manner at the tip of the bit, our experienced application engineers will find the optimal solution for every application.

The screw feeding device is specially customized for every screw joint, which guarantees the highest performance and absolute reproducibility. The sorting bowl made of wear-resistant Delrin construction combined with the sorting unit and separation unit made of hardened steel guarantees the permanent functional reliability of Fehlings.